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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 42 2012
Papers from the forty-fifth meeting, London, 28-30 July 2011 edited by Janet C. M. Starkey. x + 425 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black and white. PSAS42 2012. Available both in printed and e-versions. Printed ISBN 9781905739547.

Contents: 1) New perspectives on Minaean expiatory texts (Alessio Agostini); 2) Investigating an early Islamic landscape on Kuwait Bay: the archaeology of historical Kadhima (Andrew Blair, Derek Kennet & Sultan al-Duwīsh); 3) The early settlement of HD-5 at Ras al-Дadd, Sultanate of Oman (fourth–third millennium BCE) (Federico Borgi, Elena Maini, Maurizio Cattani & Maurizio Tosi); 4) Known and unknown archaeological monuments in the Dūmat al-Jandal oasis in Saudi Arabia: a review (Guillaume Charloux); 5) Prehistory and palaeo-geography of the coastal fringes of the Wahiba Sands and Bar al-Hikman, Sultanate of Oman (Vincent Charpentier, Jean-François Berger, Rémy Crassard, Marc Lacaze & Gourguen Davtian); 6) Unlocking the Early Bronze Age: attempting to extract Umm an-Nar tombs from a remotely sensed Hafit dataset (poster) (William Deadman); 7) Iron Age impact on a Bronze Age archaeological landscape: results from the Italian Mission to Oman excavations at Salūt, Sultanate of Oman (Michele Degli Esposti & Carl Phillips); 8) Late Palaeolithic core-reduction strategies in Dhofar, Oman (Yamandú Hilbert, Jeffrey Rose & Richard Roberts); 9) Réflexions sur les formes de l’écrit à l’aube de l’Islam (Frédéric Imbert); 10) Getting to the bottom of Zabid: the Canadian Archaeological Mission in Yemen, 1982–2011 (Edward J. Keall); 11) New perspectives on regional and interregional obsidian circulation in prehistoric and early historic Arabia (Lamya Khalidi, Krista Lewis & Bernard Gratuze); 12) The Saudi-Italian-French Archaeological Mission at Dūmat al-Jandal (ancient Adumatu). A first relative chronological sequence for Dūmat al-Jandal. Architecture and pottery (Romolo Loreto); 13) Excavation at the ‘Tree of Life’ site (Mohammed Redha Ebrahim Hasan Mearaj); 14) The origin of the third-millennium BC fine grey wares found in eastern Arabia (S. Méry, R. Besenval, M.J. Blackman & A. Didier); 15) Building H at Mleiha: new evidence of the late pre-Islamic period D phase (PIR.D) in the Oman peninsula (second to mid-third century AD) (M. Mouton, M. Tengberg, V. Bernard, S. Le Maguer, A. Reddy, D. Soulié, M. Le Grand & J. Goy); 16) An overview of archaeology and heritage in Qatar (Sultan Muhesen, Faisal al-Naimi & Ingolf Thuesen); 17) The construction of Medina’s earliest city walls: defence and symbol (Harry Munt); 18) Landscape signatures and seabed characterization in the marine environment of north-west Qatar (poster) (Faisal al-Naimi, Richard Cuttler, Ibrahim Ismail Alhaidous, Lucie Dingwall, Garry Momber, Sadd al-Naimi, Paul Breeze & Ahmed Ali al-Kawari); 19) Towards an annotated corpus of Soqotri oral literature: the 2010 fieldwork season (Vitaly Naumkin, Leonid Kogan & Dmitry Cherkashin (Moscow); AΉmad Īsā al-Darhī & Īsa Gumān al-Darhī (Soqotra, Yemen); 20) Palace, mosque, and tomb at al-RuwayΡah, Qatar (Andrew Petersen & Tony Grey); 21) The origin and development of the oasis landscape of al-ΚAin (UAE) (Timothy Power & Peter Sheehan); 22) Evidence from a new inscription regarding the goddess ΚΕ(t)rm and some remarks on the gender of deities in South Arabia (Alessia Prioletta); 23) Archaeological excavations at the settlement of al-FurayΉah (Freiha), north-west Qatar (Gareth Rees, Faysal al-Naimi, Tobias Richter, Agnieszka Bystron & Alan Walmsley); 24) The 2010–2011 excavation season at al-Zubārah, north-west Qatar (poster) (Tobias Richter, Faisal Abdulla al-Naimi, Lisa Yeomans, Michael House, Tom Collie, Pernille Bangsgaard Jensen, Sandra Rosendahl, Paul Wordsworth & Alan Walmsley); 25) The Great Mosque of Qalhāt rediscovered. Main results of the 2008–2010 excavations at Qalhāt, Oman (Axelle Rougeulle, Thomas Creissen & Vincent Bernard); 26) A new stone tool assemblage revisited: reconsidering the ‘Aterian’ in Arabia (Eleanor M.L. Scerri); 27) Egyptian cultural impact on north-west Arabia in the second and first millennia BC (Gunnar Sperveslage & Ricardo Eichmann); 28) The Neolithic site FAY-NE15 in the central region of the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) (Margarethe Uerpmann, Roland de Beauclair, Marc Händel, Adelina Kutterer, Elisabeth Noack & Hans-Peter Uerpmann); 29) KāΞimah remembered: historical traditions of an early Islamic settlement by Kuwait Bay (Brian Ulrich); 30) Yemeni opposition to Ottoman rule: an overview (Abdol Rauh Yaccob).

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