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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies VOLUME 36
Papers from the thirty-ninth meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, held in London, July 2005 edited by Rob Carter and St John Simpson. 299 pages; numerous figures, plans, maps, drawings and photographs. PSAS36 2006. Available both in printed and e-versions. Printed ISBN 9781905739011. Epublication ISBN 9781784913311.

PART ONE: A CELEBRATION OF A.F.L. BEESTON (1911-1995): (Michael Macdonald) Introductory Remarks; (Geert Jan van Gelder) An experiment with Beeston, Labīd, and BaΊΊār: on translating Classical Arabic verse; (James E. Montgomery) Beeston and the singing-girls; (Clive Holes) The Arabic dialects of Arabia; (Janet Watson, Bonnie Glover Stalls, Khalid al-Razihi and Shelagh Weir) The language of Jabal RāziΉ: Arabic or something else?; (Christian Robin) L'institution monarchique en Arabie du Sud antique: les contributions fondatrices d'A.F.L. Beeston réexaminées à la lumière des découvertes les plus récentes; (Mohammed Maraqten) Legal documents recently discovered by the AFSM at MaΉram Bilqīs, near Mārib, Yemen; (Serguei A. Frantsouzoff) A Minaic inscription on the pedestal of an ibex figurine from the British Museum; (Alessandra Avanzini) Ancient South Arabian anthroponomastics: historical remarks; (Michael J. Zwettler) “Binding on the crown”; (Manfred Kropp) Burden and succession: a proposed Aramaicism in the inscription of Namāra, or the diadochs of the Arabs PART TWO: ADDITIONAL NEW RESEARCH ON ARABIA (Søren Fredslund Andersen and Mustafa Ibrahim Salman) The Tylos Burials in Bahrain; (Djamel Boussaa) A future to the past: the case of Fareej Al-Bastakia in Dubai, UAE; (Paolo M. Costa) Џank archaeological project: a preliminary report; (Rémy Crassard, Joy McCorriston, Eric Oches, ΚAbd Al-Aziz Bin ΚAqil, Julien Espagne and Mohammad Sinnah) Manayzah, early to mid-Holocene occupations in Wādī Сanā (ДaΡramawt, Yemen); (Roland de Beauclair, Sabah A. Jasim and Hans-Peter Uerpmann) New results on the Neolithic jewellery from al-Buhais 18, UAE; (Ronald W. Hawker) Tribe, house style and the town layout of Jazirat al-Hamra, Ras al-Khaimah, UAE; (Moawiyah Ibrahim) Report on the 2005 AFSM excavations in the Ovoid Precinct at MaΉram Bilqīs/Mārib: preliminary report; (Mutsuo Kawatoko and Risa Tokunaga) Arabic rock inscriptions of south Sinai; (M. Mouton, A. Benoist, J. Schiettecatte, M. Arbach and V. Bernard) Makaynūn, a South Arabian site in the ДaΡramawt; (Adrian Parker, Caroline Davies and Tony Wilkinson) The early to mid-Holocene moist period in Arabia: some recent evidence from lacustrine sequences in eastern and south-western Arabia; (T. Steimer-Herbet, G. Davtian and F. Braemer) Pastoralists’ tombs and settlement patterns in Wādī WashΚah during the Bronze Age (ДaΡramawt, Yemen); (Yosef Tobi) The Сubayrī Collection in the Harvard Peabody Museum and Harvard Semitic Museum; (Donatella Usai) A fourth-millennium BC Oman site and its context: Wadi Shab-GAS1; (Eric Vallet) Yemeni “oceanic policy” at the end of the thirteenth century.

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