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JOURNAL OF GREEK ARCHAEOLOGY: Announcing an international English-language journal specializing in synthetic articles and in long reviews. Work from Greek scholars is particularly welcome. The scope of this journal is Greek archaeology both in the Aegean and throughout the wider Greek-inhabited world, from earliest Prehistory to the Modern Era. Greek Archaeology for the purposes of the JGA thus includes the Archaeology of the Hellenistic World, Roman Greece, Byzantine Archaeology, Frankish and Ottoman Archaeology, and the Postmedieval Archaeology of Greece and of the Greek Diaspora. The first issue of the journal will be in October 2016 and thereafter it will appear annually and incorporate original articles, research reviews and book reviews. Subscriptions will be available in print and e-format.

The Dodecanese: Further Travels Among the Insular Greeks: A sequel to Theodore Bent’s classic The Cyclades, a compilation of late-19th-century travel writings (with an archaeological/ethnographical bias) centred on the Greek Dodecanese islands. Bent’s first successful monograph was based on two winters spent in the Cycladic isles (1882/3 and 1883/4. In the year The Cyclades was published the Bents moved a little east and explored the islands now commonly referred to as the Greek Dodecanese. Now, 130 years later, his The Dodecanese can appear for the first time: a collection of reminiscences and studies on these sunny, blue-surrounded, and delightful islands.

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