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Europa Postmediaevalis 2020
Post-medieval pottery in the spare time edited by Gabriela Blažková and Kristýna Matějková. DOI: 10.32028/9781789699173. Paperback; 210x297mm; 328 pages; colour throughout. 724 2021. Available both in printed and e-versions. Printed ISBN 9781789699173. Epublication ISBN 9781789699180.
Book contents page
Post-medieval pottery in the spare time is a collection of papers planned for what would have been the second Europa Postmediaevalis conference. The focus is on the Early Modern period (15th to 18th centuries) and the growing use of new ceramic forms for leisure activities. Although the conference itself could not be held, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume nevertheless brings together 28 contributions from authors from nine countries, from Portugal to Russia, from Italian Sardinia to Polish Stargard. A finds assemblage from the United Arab Emirates published by Portuguese colleagues, represents the tenth country.

The volume comprises several subtopics which at first glance seem diverse. And yet, be they smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol, garden strolls or games, they share one thing in common: they are hobbies and vices enjoyed mainly in one’s free time. In the Early Modern period, these were typically activities of a rather luxurious nature, initially reserved for those with loftier positions in society but which, over time, gradually filtered down to the lower economic classes. It is therefore not surprising that the greater demand for new activities was also reflected in pottery production. As such, new ceramic forms such as cups, pipes and flowerpots began to appear in Early Modern archaeological assemblages and form the basis of this anthology.

The volume will provide readers with useful comparison assemblages and serve as a source of inspiration for subsequent research.

About the Editors
Gabriela Blažková studied archaeology and history in the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, where she earned her PhD in 2011. She works as an archaeologist at the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Department of Medieval Archaeology, Prague Castle. She is an expert in Late Medieval and Early Modern Archaeology (second half of the 15th century – first half of 17th century) with an emphasis on material culture. She has been involved in rescue archaeological research in Prague – Hradčany. ;

Kristýna Matějková studied archaeology at Masaryk University in Brno and entered the doctoral programme at Charles University in Prague. Her main interest is the issue of processing medieval and Early Modern assemblages from Czech towns. She is a director of the Centre for Processing, Documentation and Recording of Archaeological Finds. Her research interest is currently focussed on the popularisation of archaeology and interactive childhood education as a part of the HistoryPark project.

Table of Contents
Preface ;

The Image of a Habit. Pipes and the Depiction of Smoking in Central European Art from the Beginning to the First World War - Gerald Volker Grimm ;
A Little Vice: Tobacco Smoking in Tuscany from Material Sources - Marcella Giorgio ;
Small Daily Vices: A Group of Clay Pipes in Post-Medieval Spoleto - Beatrice Brancazi, Giulia Previti ;
Archaeology of Smoking and Tobacco Consumption. New Data from Campania Inland Settlements - Lester Lonardo ;
Clay Pipes from Unknown Sites in the Area of Ilok, Croatia - Andrea Rimpf ;
Tradition and Beauty – Ottoman Smoking Pipes Based on Materials from the State Hermitage Collection - Marina N. Gavrilova ;
White Clay Tobacco Pipes at the Beginning of the 18th-Century in Saint Petersburg Based on Materials from the State Hermitage Collection - Roxana V. Rebrova ;
Two Types of Smoking Pipes and a Global Perspective in Rua do Terreiro do Trigo, Lisbon - Miguel Martins de Sousa, José Pedro Henriques, Vanessa Galiza Filipe ;
A Contribution to the Coffee-Drinking Culture in Brno, Czech Republic - Lenka Sedláčková, Pavel Staněk ;
“A Nice Cup of Tea.” Pottery as Material Evidence of Changes in the Table Culture of 18th-Century Warsaw - Maciej Trzeciecki ;
Chinese Porcelain for Tea and Coffee Drinking in the Old Quelba/Khor Kalba Fortress (Sharjah, UAE) - José Pedro Henriques, Rui Carita, Rosa Varela Gomes, Mário Varela Gomes ;

What a Delightful Day: Spare Time Representation on Early Modern Portuguese Ceramics - Tânia Manuel Casimiro ;
Poor and Wealthy Children in Post-Medieval Sardinia (16th–20th Century). Ceramic Toys as Markers of Social Status - Marco Milanese ;
Ceramic Toys and Spare Time Items of Townspeople in Hetman Ukraine in the 18th Century: On Materials from an Excavation in Poltava Yurii O. Puholovok ;
Losing a Piece to Win a Game: Gaming Pieces in Portugal - Vanessa Galiza Filipe, José Pedro Henriques, Tânia Manuel Casimiro ;
Blow Your Whistle: Ceramic Whistles in Early Modern Lisbon - Tânia Manuel Casimiro – Carlos Boavida ;
A Terracotta Whistle Representing Saint Lazarus from Marmorata Street, Rome - Barbara Ciarrocchi ;

Decorated Flowerpots with Mascarons and Other Motifs from Archaeological Excavation in Stargard/Pomerania - Marcin Majewski ;
Forgotten Beauties. A Preliminary Study of Post-Medieval Flowerpots from the Czech Republic - Kristýna Matějková ;
Garden Pots from the Botanical Garden in Pisa (17th–20th Century) - Giuseppe Clemente ;
The Pheasantry of Prague Castle in the 17th and 18th Centuries - Jan Frolík ;
Flowerpots and Ceramic Plant Markers. A Case Study from the Muskau Park Excavation in 2017 - Joanna Dąbal ;
Not Everything Is as It Seems, a Garden on the Walls of Early Modern Lisbon - Mariana Almeida, Márcio Martingil ;

From Heating Needs to Adaptation of Renaissance Patterns. Tiles from Small Towns of Pomerelia from the Second Half of the 14th Century to the End of the 16th Century - Michał Starski ;
Late Gothic and Renaissance Stove Tiles from Lietava Castle, Slovakia - Mário Bielich ;
Distillation Ceramics from Prague Castle, Czech Republic - Gabriela Blažková, Alexandra Kloužková, Mária Kolářová ;
Silesian Workshops of Renaissance Ceramics with Moulded Relief Applications - Jakub Szajt ;
Post-Medieval Ceramics from 18th-Century Fortifications in Nebesa near Aš (Czech Republic) - Václav Matoušek, Pavel Drnovský, Petr Hejhal, Ladislav Rytíř, Kateřina Pulcová, Veronika Pulcová ;

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