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Published Dec 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789690507

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Rome; Ravenna; Roman archaeology; Roman Architecture; Urbanism; Urbaisation; Claudius

Archaeopress Roman Archaeology

Urbanisation in the Time of Claudius in the Western Provinces of the Empire

By Erika Cappelletto


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This volume analyses Claudius’ activities in the provinces of the western Empire in order to get an idea of his political attitude in a broader context and see how his interests in the provinces influenced urban development and changes in the cities.



Introduction; 1 - Cultural and chronological setting; 2 - Legates and governors: their competence and preparation in planning; 3 - Cultural and historical situations; 4 - The evidences and the analysis; 5 - Conclusions; Army appendix; Civitates appendix; Bibliography

About the Author

ERIKA CAPPELLETTO received a degree from the University of Venice with a thesis about the representation of spinning implements on gravestones. She gained her Masters from the same university with a study of the black glazed pottery from Pompeii. During this period, she participated in different projects in Italy and studied for six months at Ankara with the Erasmus project. Later, she moved to Heidelberg where she completed her PhD. She has participated in international projects and conferences, frequented workshops and undertaken an internship in digital archaeology (3d reconstruction and modelling). She currently works in cultural heritage in Germany.