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Published Aug 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Domestic space; Medieval; Modern; Early Modern; Vernacular; polite house; middle ages

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The Development of Domestic Space in the Maltese Islands from the Late Middle Ages to the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

By Alistair Marshall, George A. Said-Zammit

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This study traces and analyses the evolution of domestic space in Maltese vernacular and ‘polite’ houses from medieval to contemporary times.



Chapter 1 - Introduction; Chapter 2 – The Maltese Islands: Society, Class, Economy and Settlements; Chapter 3 – Maltese Domestic Architecture; Chapter 4 – The Maltese Houses: Literary Sources, Notarial Acts, Travelogues and the National Censuses; Chapter 5 – Maltese Houses and Settlements Through the Artist’s Eye; Chapter 6 – Religious Beliefs and Traditions; Chapter 7 – Diet, Dining Fashions, Health and Education; Chapter 8 – Furniture and Costumes; Chapter 10 – Decoding Maltese Houses and Settlements; Chapter 11 – The Development of the Maltese Houses since the Second Half of the Twentieth Century; Chapter 12 – Concluding Remarks; Bibliography; Appendix 1 – The Malta Historic House Survey; Appendix 2 – Glossary of Terms

About the Author

Alistair Marshall has a formal background in archaeology and the natural sciences, general interests in European prehistory, and is currently developing various projects including: application of remote sensing, from broader study of landscapes to detailed interpretation of ritual monuments with related experimental work; structural analysis of megalithic sites, with especial reference to interpretation of axial alignment; investigation of broader aspects of tribal economies during the later Iron Age in Britain and Northwestern Europe.