Victoria van der Haas

Victoria van der Haas holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Alberta, where she studied the life histories of prehistoric hunter-gatherers from the Lake Baikal region in Siberia, Russia. She gained her MA in Palaeolithic Archaeology from Leiden University, where she focused on dating the layer in which Indonesia’s famous Pithecanthropus erectus fossil was found in 1891. Her research interests and expertise centre on biological anthropology, archaeological heritage management, and prehistoric archaeology. Victoria has excavated in many places around the world, such as the Netherlands, France, and Japan.


Growing Up in the Cis-Baikal Region of Siberia, Russia

Victoria van der Haas

This volume analyses the dietary life histories of prehistoric hunter-gatherers from six cemeteries in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, Russia. The overarching goal was to better understand how they lived by examining what they ate, how they utilized the landscape, and how this changed over time.


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