Reyhan Şahin

Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology, Bursa Uludağ University

ORCID 0000--000-2-63-39-7311

Reyhan Şahin studied Classical Archaeology at Istanbul University and Goethe University at Frankfurt am Main/Germany. She completed her MA thesis at Goethe University/Frankfurt in 2007 and Phd Thesis at Istanbul University in 2013. In her master’s thesis she examined Attic Black Glazed pottery from Priene/Ionia (Turkey). The subject of her PhD thesis is “Red Figure Pottery from Ainos/Thrace (Enez/Turkey). She has several publications about Attic Pottery of Classical Period as well as Hellenistic and Roman Pottery. She works as Associate Professor of Archaeolgy at Bursa Uludağ University/Turkey.


Thrace through the Ages

ed. Reyhan Şahin

This volume draws attention to the importance of pottery evidence in evaluating archaeological material from Thrace. The volume considers the informative value of pottery in tracing cultural and political phases, by providing us with important data about production centres, commercial relations, daily life, religious rituals and burial customs. READ MORE

Paperback: £60.00