Philippe Abrahami

Philippe Abrahami is an Assyriologist, Professor of History and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Lille, France (CNRS Laboratory HALMA UMR 8164). His research covers various topics based on the study of Akkadian and Sumerian sources. He specialised in ancient warfare, a subject that he developed since his dissertation on military organisation of Mari Kingdom during the Old Babylonian period. As part of his Habilitation dissertation, Philippe worked on the cuneiform corpus of Nuzi, a provincial city in the Kingdom of Arraphe during the 15-14th centuries BC. He published a number of papers dealing with palatial administration and social history of labour. Another area of his research is the study of ancient textile. He is the author of several articles on various subjects dealing with the economics of wool, the ritual uses of textiles and the terminology of colours and dyeing techniques. He is also co-director of the French Israeli Archaeological Mission of Tel Achziv (Israel), a project financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Par la bêche et le stylet! Cultures et sociétés syro-mésopotamiennes

ed. Philippe Abrahami

25 papers written by colleagues, friends and former students pay tribute to the career of Professor Olivier Rouault who has conducted extensive research in the fields of both Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern archaeology. READ MORE

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