Miroslav Ivanov Vasilev

Senior Assistant Professor, Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Miroslav Ivanov Vasilev is an assistant professor at the Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). He has published a book and articles concerning ancient Thrace and Macedonia, including The Policy of Darius and Xerxes towards Thrace and Macedonia (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2015).


Who Were the Plunderers of Salmydessus?

Miroslav Ivanov Vasilev

A discussion of ten references (from different periods) concerning the piratical activities of the Thracians at Salmydessus in an attempt to identify who these Thracians were. It is a historical work, with a strong element of Quellenforschung, and provides a comprehensive examination of the literary and epigraphic evidence relevant to the topic. READ MORE

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