Marko Mendusic

MARKO MENDUSIC is a prehistoric archaeologist specializing in the Neolithic of Croatia. He was born in the village of Pokrovnik near Sibenik, in a farming family that traces its roots as far back as the seventeenth century. After graduating from the University of Zagreb he became Curator for Archaeology in the Sibenik City Museum and, in time, head of the Archaeological Department there. Mendusic has excavated numerous prehistoric and later sites in northern Dalmatia and on the offshore islands. He has also organized many exhibitions in museums in Croatia. In 2000 Mendusic invited Andrew Moore to join him in developing the Early Farming in Dalmatia Project, and has been co-director of the project since its inception. Mendusic became head of the Conservation Department of the Ministry of Culture in Sibenik in 2004. His responsibilities included preservation of historic buildings in the region at a time of rapidly increasing development. A long-standing member of the Croatian Archaeological Society, his distinguished service as Vice President and in other capacities was honoured with the Don Sime Ljubic Award. Recently retired, Mendusic continues to participate in excavations while maintaining his family’s farming interests.


Early Farming in Dalmatia

Marko Mendusic

This book investigates the expansion of farming from its centre of origin in western Asia through the Mediterranean into southern Europe. Focussing on Dalmatia, it addresses several key questions, including when and how farming reached the area, what was the nature of this new economy, and what was its impact on the local environment. READ MORE

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