Enrico Giannitrapani

Palermo University

ORCID 0000-0003-0704-8675

Enrico Giannitrapani is currently an adjunct professor at Palermo University and a member of the archaeological cooperative Arkeos. His scientific interests concern the social and cultural complexity of prehistoric communities of the central Mediterranean, as well as the development of the first forms of social differentiation. He is highly involved in the methodological aspects of the discipline, including the use of digital technologies and the application of infra-site and intra-site GIS systems. He has specialised in landscape archaeology and geoarchaeology, also developing operational and editorial skills in sector publishing (DTP) within archaeology and cultural heritage.


LRCW 6: Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean: Archaeology and Archaeometry

ed. Enrico Giannitrapani

This volume presents almost 100 papers deriving from the 6th International Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean. Themes comprise sea and land routes, workshops and production centres, and regional contexts (western Mediterranean, eastern Mediterranean, Sicily and the Mediterranean islands). READ MORE

Paperback: £120.00 | eBook: £16.00