Coral Montero López

Coral Montero López has a PhD in Archaeology from La Trobe University, Australia, and has been an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of New England and a seasonal lecturer at La Trobe University. Coral has participated in various archaeological projects in Mexico and currently works as a consultant in Australia, where she has worked for private and government agencies over the last 10 years. She has published numerous journal articles.


From Ritual to Refuse: Faunal Exploitation by the Elite of Chinikihá, Chiapas, during the Late Classic Period

Coral Montero López

From Ritual to Refuse explores the faunal exploitation by the Maya elite at the site of Chinikihá, Chiapas, during the end of the Late Classic period (AD 700-850) by applying zooarchaeological and statistical analyses to a faunal assemblage located in a basurero or midden behind a palatial structure at the core of the site. READ MORE

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