Andreja Malovoz

Andreja Malovoz gained an MA in archaeology and a second MA in archaeological computing from Gothenberg University in 2004 and 2005. She became curator for archaeology at the Stjepan Gruber Museum in Županja in 2006 and defended her doctoral thesis at Heidelberg University in 2019. Andreja has worked with a number of museums in setting up both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Her publications interrogate the nature of landscape construction as a social phenomenon in the Bronze Age. ;


Mediating Marginality: Mounds, Pots and Performances at the Bronze Age Cemetery of Purić-Ljubanj, Eastern Croatia

Andreja Malovoz

This study draws on eight years of excavation and survey at the newly discovered Bronze Age Cemetery of Purić-Ljubanj in the county of Vukovar-Syrmia in eastern Croatia. READ MORE

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