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Published Nov 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803273822

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DOI 10.32028/9781803273822

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War; Falklands; Battlefield Archaeology; Veterans; Therapy; Art; Landscape; 20th Century

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1982 Uncovered: The Falklands War Mapping Project

Edited by Timothy Clack, Tony Pollard

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War and its legacy are traumatic to individuals, communities, and landscapes. The impacts last long beyond the events themselves and shape lives and generations. Archaeology has a part to play in the recording of, and recovery from, such trauma. This volume delivers the first intensive archaeological survey of the battlefields of the Falklands War.



Foreword – Phil Harding ;

Acknowledgements ;

Introduction – Tony Pollard and Timothy Clack ;

Section 1. History and Context ;
1. The Falklands War: Background Context – Timothy Clack and Tony Pollard ;
2. Pebble Island Raid: An Interview with Mark ‘Splash’ Aston – Interviewed by Timothy Clack and Tony Pollard ;
3. Battle of Mount Tumbledown – Tony Pollard and Timothy Clack ;
4. After the Fight: The Return Home – William Spencer ;
5. Life Under Occupation: A Selection of Local Memories – Brian Summers, Rachel Simons, Alan Jones, and Eric Goss ;
6. Memories of Local Resistance – Beth Timmins ;

Section 2. Results from the Field ;
7. Conflict Archaeology and the Archaeology of the Falklands War – Tony Pollard and Timothy Clack ;
8. Survey Results from Mount Tumbledown – Tony Pollard, Timothy Clack, and Stuart Eve ;
9. Digital Tumbledown: Drones, Scans, 3D Models – Stuart Eve, Timothy Clack, and Tony Pollard ;
10. Material and Memory: Survey Results from Pebble Island – Timothy Clack, Tony Pollard, and Stuart Eve ;

Section 3. Veterans, Community, Art and Wellbeing ;
11. A Scots Guardsman Returns to Tumbledown – Jim ‘Pasty’ Peters ;
12. Psychological Impacts of War: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Rod Eldridge ;
13. Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust: Curating and Preserving History in the South Atlantic – Emma Goss and Andrea Barlow ;
14. Waterloo Uncovered – Lieutenant Colonel Charles Foinette ;
15. Argentine Archaeology, War Veterans, and Mental Health – Carlos Landa, Juan Leoni, and Sebastián Ávila ;
16. Notes from the Project Artist – Doug Farthing ;
17. War, Weaving, Well-Being – Katie Russell ;

Section 4. Project Artworks ;
Douglas Farthing ;
Katie Russell ;
Beth Timmins ;
Jake Summers ;
Dave Pope ;
Sue Luxton ;
Falkland Islands Schools


‘Forty years after the collective trauma of war, the fighting for personal peace continues. The results of the Falklands War Mapping Project are striking – as this inspirational book shows’Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Sir John Kiszely KCB MC DL

‘This is a remarkable book – at once touching and gripping – that demonstrates not only the value veterans can bring to archaeology but also the value of archaeology to veterans’David Shaw CBE, Founder and CEO, The Veterans’ Foundation

‘This book shows not only how archaeology contributes to the well-being of those injured in war, but also provides a series of insights into the problems of interpretation and recording’Tim Schadla-Hall, University College London, UK