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The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J. Theodore Bent 3

The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J. Theodore Bent. Volume III: Southern Arabia and Persia

Mabel Bent's diaries of 1883-1898, from the archive of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, London

By Mabel Bent

Edited by Gerald Brisch


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Mabel Virginia Anna Hall-Dare was the extraordinary wife of the English explorer and archaeologist James Theodore Bent. In the early 1880s the couple began a fifteen-year series of highly-regarded geographical, archaeological and ethnographical researches in the eastern Mediterranean, Africa and Arabia.



Bahrein and Persia, 1889: The Hadhramaut, 1893-5; Socotra and the lands of the Fadhli and Yafai, 1896-7. Personal letters, documents, maps, and Mabel Bent's own photographs contribute to this important insight into the lives of two of the great British travellers of the nineteenth century.