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Ash-Sharq - Bulletin of the Ancient Near East Vol 1 No 1 2017
edited by Laura Battini (editor-in-chief). 1 2017. ISBN ASH-SHARQVOL1NO1.
Book contents page
The content of this page is accessible only for institutional subscribers. To subscribe to Ash-sharq please follow this link.

Click 'Download (pdf)' towards the bottom of the page to open a complete PDF edition of Ash-sharq: Bulletin of the Ancient Near East in your browser or right-click and select 'Save link as...' to download a copy for offline use. PDF displays best in Chrome (PC and Mac).

Single chapter files will be available to download shortly:

A Short Introduction (Laura Battini)

عمريت خلال العصر الفينيقي المتأخر (Michel Al-Maqdissi and Eva Ishaq)

A Double-Sided Board from Tell Afis (Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi)

Some Considerations on the Funnels from Tell Afis (Giuseppe Minunno)

أعمال البعثة السورية في المدينة البيزنطية(تل الكسرة الأثري) خلال خمس مواسم (2006-2010) الآثاري يعرب العبدالله (المديرية العامة للآثار والمتاحف- مدير المتحف الوطني بدمشق) (Yaarob Dahham)

Men, Animals and Pots. A few Thoughts about a Narrative Motive on Syrian Bronze Age Vessels (Juliette Mas)

Entrusting One’s Seal in the Ancient Near East in the First Half of the 2nd millennium BC (Julie Patrier)

Bronze Metallurgy in the Times of the Earliest Cities. New Data on the City I of Mari (Juan-Luis Montero Fenollós)

Localized Ištar Goddesses and the Making of Socio-Political Communities: Samsi-Addu’s Eštar Irradan at Mari (Elizabeth Knott)

Of Pins and Beads: Note on a Feminine Costume in Mari (Barbara Couturaud)

Ships and Diplomacy. The Historical Connection between the Letters RS 18.031 (from Tyre) and RS 94.2483 (from Ugarit) (Juan-Pablo Vita)

Issues in the Historical Geography of the Fertile Crescent (Ran Zadok)

The Kiriath-Jearim Archaeological Mission (Thomas Römer)

An Entanglement between Nature and the Supernatural: the Early Second Millennium BCE Ceremonial Complex of Hirbemerdon Tepe in the Upper Tigris Region (Nicola Laneri)

The Architecture of Bahra 1, an Ubaid Culture-Related Settlement in Kuwait (Piotr Bieliński)

A Summary of the 5th Campaign of the French Archaeological Mission at Qasr Shemamok (Kurdistan, Iraq), 21 September – 19 October, 2016 (Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault)

The Peshdar Plain Project, 2015-2016. A Major Neo-Assyrian Settlement on the Empire’s Eastern Border (Karen Radner, Janoscha Kreppner and Andrea Squitieri)

Abu Tbeirah’s Craft Area NE: A Preliminary Survey (Franco D’Agostino and Licia Romano)

The Creation of the First (Divinatory) Dream and Enki(g) as the God of Ritual Wisdom (Annette Zgoll)

The Hare has lost his Spectacles. Notes on Contest Scenes, Early Occurrences (Reinhard Dittmann)

Daughters from Good Families and their Seals in the Old Babylonian Period (Gudrun Colbow)

Re-contextualizing Clay Figurines, Models, and Plaques from Iščali (Elisa Roßberger)

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