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Keeping your Edge: Recent Approaches to the Organisation of Stone Artefact Technology edited by Ben Marwick and Alex Mackay. vi+136 pages; illustrated throughout. BAR S2273 2011. ISBN 9781407308470. £32.00 (No VAT). Buy Now

The aim of this volume is to present papers applying recent insights from the organization of technology to the interpretation of stone artefact assemblages from a range of archaeological contexts. Specific attention is paid to the techniques by which people acquired and maintained cutting edge technology, and the situational variables which encouraged them to employ those techniques. Contents: 1) Keeping your edge: recent approaches to the organisation of stone artefact technology (Ben Marwick and Alex Mackay); 2) Stone Artefact Technology in Willandra National Park: Reduction, Risk and Mobility (Patrick Faulkner); 3) Technology and technological change in eastern Australia, the example of Capertee 3 (Peter Hiscock and Val Attenbrow); 4) Standardisation and Design: The Tula Adze in Western New South Wales (Trudy Doelman and Simon Holdaway); 5) Scraper Reduction Continuums and Efficient Tool Use: Testing Hiscock and Attenbrow’s Model (Kate Connell and Chris Clarkson); 6) The Role of Reworking in New Zealand Adze Technology (Marianne Turner); 7) Rethinking the Naviform Method in the Southern Levant (Dawn Cropper); 8) ‘Bandkeramik' stone tool production and social network analysis: a case study (Christian Reepmeyer, Erich Classen, and Andreas Zimmermann); 9) Lithic evidence for changing land-use patterns in central Europe during the middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition (Ladislav Nejman); 10) New Insights into the Effects of Transport on Lithic Artifacts (Jennifer M. Ferris and William Andrefsky, Jr.); 11) Costs and benefits in technological decision making under variable conditions: examples from the late Pleistocene in southern Africa (Alex Mackay and Ben Marwick).
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