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106 figures, 2 tables (colour throughout)

Published Oct 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803275666

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DOI 10.32028/9781803275666

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Roman; Funerary Reliefs; Writing; Writing Materials; Writing Instruments; Tablets; Women; Gender

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 104

Representations of Writing Materials on Roman Funerary Monuments

Text, Image, Message

Edited by Tibor Grüll

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Ancient funerary reliefs are full of representations of writing materials and instruments, the interpretation of which can help us better understand the phenomenon of ancient literacy. The eight studies in this volume enrich our knowledge of Roman writing with many new aspects and detailed observations.



Foreword – Tibor Grüll

Representations of writing tools and materials on Roman funerary monuments – Tibor Grüll, Nándor Agócs, János Jusztinger, Ernő Szabó

Clio and Calliope: Why Diptych and Scroll? – Elizabeth A. Meyer

Educated by the nine Muses? – Josy Luginbühl

Tablet in Hand. Tabulae as markers of professional and social identity of Roman scribae Benjamin Hartmann

Representations of writing tools and materials on Phrygian door stelae – Tibor Grüll

Broadening the view on literacy in Palmyra. Ten years after the first attempt – Łukasz Sokołowski

The scroll and codex on funerary steles in the Upper Moesian Limes – Sanja Pilipović

Depictions of bone ‘spatulate’ strips and a few thoughts about their function – Anna Willi

About the Author

Tibor Grüll is Professor of Ancient History and Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.), awarded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has taught at the University of Pécs since 1998, where he has led the Department of Ancient History since 2015. He has published 16 books and 250 articles, and has given lectures in venues from Cambridge to Jerusalem over the past three decades.